Sunset Beach Waterway Properties

There are those that like to sit back and watch the water and then there are those that like to be in it, make use of it, and play with it. For the latter it’s a mode of transportation, an opportunity for countless hours of fun and a location for entertaining. Any type of water lover will appreciate the Sunset Beach waterway properties we have that would be ideally suited to them and their lifestyles.

Waterway properties can provide you with docks, boat lifts, and access to the ocean and other waterways. For a boat owner, it’s a lifeline. The convenience that comes with being located on a waterway far outweigh any additional cost there may be associated with the property.

View listings of Sunset Beach NC waterway properties currently listed on the local real estate MLS below:


We have parcels of exceptional waterfront land located on the mainland that has been cleared and can be subdivided. Whether you buy one or all of the land, you can count on it being premium property that will get top dollar for any home you build on it.

Our Sunset Beach properties located on the water range in price from $29.9K for a .2045 acre residential lot to $6M for 8.66 acres of residential land on Seaside Road in Sunset Beach. There are also commercial and retail properties available. Whether you’re purchasing property to live in, build on, or establish a business at, you couldn’t pick a better location than Sunset Beach, North Carolina.

Properties located on water of any type are always going to be worth more than properties that aren’t so it’s a wise place to invest your money for a good return. It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, the canal, Intracoastal Waterway or a lake. Not just more valuable on the real estate market but also to those that live there as well.

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