Pricing Your Home Right Matters

Once the decision is made to sell your home, and you’re ready to choose a real estate agent to represent you, one of the elements of the interview process will involve establishing what your asking price should be. This is a key step in marketing your home because the wrong price attracts the wrong buyers and will negatively impact the marketing potential of your property. Right pricing encourages maximum exposure, buyer excitement, and positive offers. At Sloane Realty you can count on us to price your home right the first time!


North Carolina Real Estate Home Pricing - Important Tips

During the first couple of weeks your home will be busy with buyers’ agents coming to preview your home so they can sell it to their clients. But this only will happen if it is priced right. If a property is priced incorrectly – that could result in:

  • Fewer buyers are attracted to overpriced homes
  • People may look but offers don’t follow
  • Marketing time is prolonged
  • Property attracts lookers and makes competing listings look better by comparison
  • If the property does go under contract above true market value, the lender’s appraisal may fall short and buyers may lose their financing
  • Property may eventually sell below market value as bargain-hunting buyers look for “stale” listings

    Let our agents provide the research and data to set your home’s value. The ability to accurately establish pricing is one of our agent’s key skills. While the internet can provide a wealth of information – it can’t replace expert consultation, true local market knowledge and the ability to effectively account for property specifics. During the research, our agents will go through a questionnaire with you to gather key home facts and identify those characteristics that will affect the value of your property.


    • More buyer showings in the first 3 weeks of highest activity
    • Greater potential for multiple offers
    • Marketing time is shorter
    • The home is a “hot” listing when it’s new
    • Property attracts serious buyers already actively comparison shopping in your price range
    • Transaction dates and mortgage contingencies proceed smoothly when the lender’s appraisal can validate the sales price

    Give us a call at Sloane Realty on 866-931-5201 or email us if you’d like to meet to discuss how to price your home for sale in today’s market.

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